Let The Schandenfreude Commence!

While engaging in a question and answer session at Reddit, the race huckster Jesse Jackson was not prepared for the juggernaut of pertinent questions. This shit is hilarious! Reddit took the disaster down, but not before it was captured. Link is below. Enjoy!





The End.

First, they legalize gay marriage. Next, pedophilia is decriminalized. Divide, conquer, and dominate the world….

The New World Order is working overtime in their efforts. Why?

“Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” –Revelation 12:12, King James Bible

Christ-mas 2014

Whenever citizens are routinely considered enemies of their own ‘government’, bad things start to happen. Consider the last decade of unprecedented events that have all but destroyed our most cherished White ethics and values.

The family is gone. There are no more multi-generational families living together, or even in close proximity, like dwelling in the same town or within driving distance. The corporate demand for “relocation, relocation, relocation” for employees wanting a ‘promotion’ helped with this, along with the central urban push and conglomeration. More insidious was the Jewish-founded and funded ‘women’s liberation’ movement that took mothers out of the home and into the wage slave ‘utopia’ of corporate Amerika. The so called ‘second wave’ of ‘feminism’  was funded by the Roosevelt ‘foundations’ and other usual suspects, when they realized that they had 50% of the population that wasn’t being utilized to generate tax theft for the banksters.  Jewish women like Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Betty Freidan, Andrea Dworkin, and others, were at the forefront of twisting the women’s rights movement into an anti-male, anti-marriage, and anti-family militant political screed. Jewish nut jobs like Valarie Solanas called for the extermination of men altogether, in her ‘SCUM’ manifesto; and put her hatred into practice by shooting pop ‘artist’ Andy Warhol.

After ensuring that women were thoroughly brainwashed into believing that they were ‘oppressed’ by marriage and motherhood, the next attack was directed towards the children.

The Frankfurt school, cultural Marxism, atheism, and mind control came to the public school system with a vengeance in the late 1960s. Following the ‘government’s’ orders, the desegregation of public schools helped in the destruction of the educational system and our children’s peace, welfare, and safety. Sending White children to a ‘multicultural’ school is tantamount to severe abuse–physical, emotional, sexual, and mental. There is no point in sending White children to public schools, since they’re nothing more than anti-White, anti-religion, anti-freedom indoctrination centers. This gets even more pervasive with the introduction of ‘Common Core’s promotion of anti-education. Teachers have become abusive predators, sexually molesting children, indoctrinating children into the cult of ‘egalitarianism’ and mediocrity, and squashing any independent thoughts that don’t fit in with the post-modern, Jewish ideologies of faux liberalism and sexual licentiousness. When you get to the halls of academia, the Jewish stranglehold is even more severe–that is, if your child’s application isn’t rejected outright for them being too ‘White’. (If that isn’t discriminatory RACISM, I don’t know what is.) What a parent pays for in ‘higher education’ has nothing to do with actual learning, reasoning, or creativity. The Jewish professors and leftist goons have other plans for these young, naïve, and trusting White students. To add insult to injury, parents of White students are paying outrageous fees to have their White children turned into self-loathing idiots. This kind of money would be better invested into gaining a useful trade, like farming, carpentry, welding, plumbing, electrician, mechanics, etc. Or, buying land for your children. Keep them out of the poison that is multicultural, diverse ‘public education’.

Lastly, because of the WAR against Whites and  of the all-important FAMILY, the White male has been all but openly genocided. His role in society has been reduced to being the scapegoat and symbol of EVIL WHITE RACISM AND OPPRESSION all over the world. All the sins of the world have been laid at the White man’s doorstep. If your father is rendered impotent physically, financially, politically, and legally, how is a young White male going to learn about White male heritage? The Jews, the financial ‘elite’, and the rogue ‘governments’ have been in deals with the devil for so long, that it’s a testimony to the White spirit that we’re still here.

There was another White male that was vilified, beaten, imprisoned, and crucified for standing up against the children of Cain, and the Talmudic and Roman power structures of evil and degeneracy. His name was Jeshua, the living Yaweh that became flesh to save His people. On this most holy of days, Christmas, let us remember our White heritage and our special place in Yaweh’s plans. “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas.” Yaweh bless you all and keep you, now and until the kingdom come. So be it, in Jeshua’s name. Come back soon, oh Yaweh, come back soon! MERRY CHRISTMAS!