Ferguson, Missouri August, 2014

The reasons behind the shooting of ‘youth’ Michael Brown are covered up by the ‘mainstream media’, and the ‘mainstream media’ should be held partly accountable for enticing this Negro riot. If more police die at the hands of racist Negroes, their blood will be on the hands of the ‘mainstream media’, as well as the blood of any and every non-Negro killed by Negro hatred and lies. Are you listening, Barry, Eric, Jesse, and Al–you race-baiting monsters?

Why are Negroes so eager to destroy their neighborhoods over something that has nothing personally to do with them? Why do Negroes destroy every business in their neighborhood whenever they see an opportunity, then get angry over ‘White/Asian/Latino Flight’ away from them?  Why are Negroes still complaining about ‘slavery’ and ‘racism’, when none of them have ever been slaves or victims of racism?  Why are we still putting up with Negro racism and Negro dysfunction? Why is the current administration blaming ‘Whitey’ for Negro dysfunction, and targeting anyone that isn’t a Negro?  Why are our tax dollars going towards supporting Negro dysfunction and their culture of racism and violence? How many more Negro riots are going to happen before there is punishment for the perpetrators? Why don’t Negroes go after their own,  when most Negroes are victims of other Negroes? Negroes murder and rape each other at a disproportionate level, but they don’t protest this!? How many more murders, rapes, ‘knockout games’, lootings, robberies, and ‘thug life’ acts of debauchery and evil will the rest of society have to put up with from these racist and violent Negroes?




4 thoughts on “Ferguson, Missouri August, 2014

  1. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Answer: Because they can.

    Groids burn up their neighborhoods and kill each other and Whitey because they can get away with it. Jew Tube foments this race war and the Yid Media is to blame; however, no

  2. Paladin Justice

    Genetics. Nature, not nurture explains it. Of course, with encouragement from puppet Obama, the Negro becomes even more dysfunctionally violent. But the violence gene was already there.


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