Christians Crucified In Syria!

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5 thoughts on “Christians Crucified In Syria!

  1. vikingbitch

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    And yet all we hear about is Jewish suffering. Well, times are changing, Ted Cruz got booed by Christians the other day in Texas for staying ‘if you all don’t stand by Israel and. The Jews, I won’t stand by you…’. Like any if the Rich Neo Cons have stuck by Christianity.

    1. Alabastrine Excellence Post author

      Paladin Justice,
      Islam has always been opposed to White Christians since it’s founding. They’re just emboldened because of our ‘multicultural cultist’, mentally ill, Zionist-run governments in the West villifying anyone that objects to the mass immigration of these Muslims into their countries. They’re calling anti-Islamists “racists”, as if religion and race aren’t two different things. There are plenty of Semite Christians being murdered by their same-race, same-ethnicity brothers and sisters. The ‘progressive’ narrative has gotten so convoluted and insane that it’s unsustainable as a ‘movement’. How many people will have to die, in the meantime, because of these ‘egalitarian’, post-modernist, multicultural xenophilic monsters remains to be seen.


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