“Cognitive Dissonance’ And The ‘White Privilege’ Lie

Feeling a little bit disoriented? Feeling like you just don’t matter, and that you’re sinking in a morass of debt, ‘diversity’, and danger? Are you thinking that you’ve suddenly found yourself displaced in your own country? Are you thinking that the world has gone mad, and you’re the only one that can see it?Image
That’s the way it is. If you’re White, you are only as useful as the taxes you pay. Not yesterday’s taxes, but today’s. We are just cash milking cows. We are to pay and pay, and keep our mouths shut.

If you haven’t gotten the memo, White males are the least wanted by the globalist elite. They will keep White women, because they’re the ‘trophy’ that all the ‘minority’ men want. It’s been that way throughout history.

As John Wayne would say, “It’s time to circle the wagons, men!” Get out and get active. Show some AmRen videos at the library. Use cable access channels to expose the globalist, elitist agendas. Hand out free flash drives and CD’s with the information you know. Educate your family and friends. Tell your women not to watch television or covet the poison crap that Madison Avenue pedals to them. Tell your children not to buy Negro or Mestizo culture–movies, ‘music’, or clothing. Take charge of your family’s values. Join the local boards where the ‘laws’ are made. Run for office. Run as a ‘Democrat’, then change the laws in your community. Get on your local school board. Get on your city’s planning commission. Run for mayor, as a ‘Democrat’. Run for sheriff of your district. Start a White’s only charity, but be discreet about it. Have a secret White male support group, where White men work for the interests of White men. Publically shun all anti-Whites. Don’t let them join in any reindeer games. Refuse to support any anti-White bullcrap in your area. Quit giving money, or belonging to, any religion, political movement, charity, or group that’s anti-White. Know that the feds and the people in ‘government’ are not your friends. They don’t care about you. They’re all whores, sold out to the globalist bankers.

This is a dark time in history for Whites. We’ve been here before. The scourge of the anti-Whites have never left us, but I’ve never seen so many generations brainwashed into complying in their own genocide. It’s a mind-controlled mental and spiritual illness, and the only cure is for the healthy, strong Whites to purge the mental illness of their fellow Whites. Worm Tongue must be destroyed! Knowledge is power, and so is information. Cunning, subterfuge, and lying have been the weapons of the enemy–so turn their own weapons against them. Fight. Victory is ours. We have always been the ‘minority’ race on this planet, but we have always survived, won the multitudes of battles, and thrived in triumph. Fight! Win! There is nothing to lose but the chains around your mind. Remember who you are!


6 thoughts on ““Cognitive Dissonance’ And The ‘White Privilege’ Lie

  1. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Right on.
    Cognitive dissonance is alive and well within many aware Working Whites. The ones who are not racially aware are dangerous though because they lack the insight to act appropriately when confronted with situations that do not fit the Multi Cult narrative.

  2. flyingtigercomics

    Reblogged this on Flying Tiger Comics and commented:
    If you haven’t gotten the memo, White males are the least wanted by the globalist elite. They will keep White women, because they’re the ‘trophy’ that all the ‘minority’ men want. It’s been that way throughout history.
    It would be wonderful if this wasn’t true… But it is true.

    1. clytemnestra57

      Especially the idea to run for office as a Democrat. So glad that I am not alone in thinking that the RepubliCANTS are nothing more than the candy-faced wrestlers who are paid to take the fall in an arena where everything is fixed. The RepubliCANTS are nothing more than controlled — extremely controlled — opposition.

      The Democrat Party is the perfect place to learn how to play racial hardball; they have been doing it for generations now. I think the Democrat Party is ripe for a takeover of racially conscious Whites, because the White liberals already there are seeing how their rainbow pets like to bite the hand that pets/feeds them.

      Whites won’t see true freedom in this country until the RepubliCANTS go the way of the Whig.

  3. 0jr

    what you just described is exactly what is happening except its only jews,irish and a very few of other whites that already do that which is why they are complaining the the ironic thig about it is that the minorites are now the majority of people that are privileged ect


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