The Kracken And The Ten-Headed Hydra That Threatens Poor Andromeda



Transgender “Women”. Feminazis. The LGBT alphabet club of deviancy. Man-O-Sphere misogynists. Xenophilic race kinks. Witch-burning religious fanatics, of ‘Christian’, ‘Muslim’, and ‘Jewish’ bent. Nihilistic atheists. Vicious Dragon Queens, Negresses, and Mulattos. Libtarded bureaucrats of local, state, and federal incompetency and sinister intent. Big government. The ten-headed hydra of destruction. The Whore of Babylon is said to ride high during the Apocalypse on a Beast with seven heads. So, three of the heads will be eliminated before the end of the world…but which three?

Do you see the kracken? Right there, slithering up out of the water. It is horrific. It was never seen until it emerged from the depths of the ocean. It was well-hidden underneath the waves. No one was even aware of its existence until now. It is going to eat Andromeda. It is going to destroy all of the generations of Andromeda’s bloodline and genetic legacy when it does. Who is the kracken? Figure this out, and you’ll have the key to the entire world’s dysfunction.


Transgender ‘women’:   Fetishizing Female Cramps                         




 Men pretending to be women can now demand special protection under the law that biological/genetic women have, thus nullifying any advancement in legitimate women’s causes that have been made during the last 150 years, including the right to privacy in a public restroom or changing room, the right to protection against involuntary exposure to public lewd and lascivious behavior,  the right to report rape without stigma, the right for little girls to be safe in public areas, the right for a woman’s children not to be exposed to deviancy, the destigmatization of law enforcement in taking domestic spousal violence seriously, and the rights of a community to live in a majority-decided standard that makes the majority comfortable.


Transgender “women” are not women, no matter how much body mutilation and hormone therapy is used. They are fetishists who become aroused by female items such as clothing, makeup, high heels, etc. They demand ‘special’ recognition and protection under the law, but deserve no more special treatment than a rubber fetishist, a necrophiliac, a pedophile, or a bestiality enthusiast. And, like any psychopathological personality disorder, the transgender’s jealousy and envy of the biological female has resulted in more than one rape and murder of a biological female by a hate-fueled ‘tranny’. Watch the movie “Dressed To Kill”, with Michael Caine, if you want a psychologically honest depiction of male transsexual deviancy. They hate women, especially White European women because of the biological White European woman’s beauty.–abc-news-parenting.html


Feminazis:  Dangerous to Females



Anyone who’s actually delved into the history of feminism realizes that there were ‘two waves’ of feminist thought. The first wave of feminism was brought to the world by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The entire tenet of the feminist movement was the right to vote, the right to keep wages earned, and the rights of child custody and property/inheritance rights.

Feminism was hijacked in the mid-1960s by several forces, most notably the communist/socialist political movements and the corporate plutocrats, such as Rockefeller, who realized that fifty percent of the potential wage slaves/taxpayers were not being utilized. It also cleared the way for the Montessori schools to start indoctrination on the children even earlier, when the mothers were out ‘getting careers’. Most of the so-called ‘second wave’ of feminism were offspring of the kracken, such as Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, Elanor Felxner, Betty Friedan, etc…..

Modern ‘feminism’ is a joke, so convoluted with ’causes’ and ‘inclusiveness’ that you could hardly call it a ‘movement’. It’s so constipated and paralyzed with infighting and fractionalization, it seems the only thing that all ‘feminazis’ can agree upon is the evilness of the White male. Trannies’ ‘rights’, LGBT’s ‘rights’, racial causes, PETA, etc. Is there any energy left to actually safeguard and champion White women from all of these other ‘women’ with an agenda?


The LGBT alphabet club:    Satan’s Little Helpers







                                        NSFW  NSF anyone!

Anti-children, anti-family, anti-spirituality, anti-science, anti-morals, anti-ethics, anti-freedom, anti-life, anti-marriage, anti-truth, anti-health, anti-science, anti-nature, anti-‘breeder’, anti-‘cis’, anti-reason, anti-rights, anti-Bill Of Rights, and anti-majority. Did I leave anything or anyone out? Oh, yeah….anti-White European biological women who are straight. Especially them.


Man O Sphere Mewlings:  Misogyny From Mom’s Basement 

A “man’s movement” man is either a wimp or a rogue, a geek or a male whore, an immature boy-man or a misogynistic woman hater. White men hating White women? Hating Darla? Heck, it all started when Spanky decided he didn’t want any more of those stupid girls in the clubhouse. Spanky’s seven-year-old brain came up with the perfect title of his new club–The He-Man Woman Hater’s Club. It didn’t last a day before there were defectors, like Alfalfa and Porky. I expect the same fate for the Man-O-Sphere, except for the bronies. They’re too far gone to help. The kracken!



Xenophilic Race Kinks: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

In the ‘groovy’ 1960’s, when the Baby Boomers were hell bent on destroying everything that generations of their ancestors had struggled and died for, there were breakouts of ‘jungle fever’, ‘yellow fever’, ‘red fever’, and ‘brown fever’. It seemed like Johnny and Janey next door were sick of each other and wanted to try some strange fruit, and by Goshen, if they had to dismantle every wise law, majority norm, and societal rule to do so–so be it!  Johnny and Janey Baby Boomer rarely thought of the consequences of their actions. “If it feels good, do it!” was one of their great mottoes, along with, “Burn, baby, burn!” and “Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out.” Their preoccupation with their genitals may have been the result of all of the drug use, but there has been no scientific research to prove this hypothesis, so….They were free to claim that all of this ‘novelty screwing’ was actually a ‘worthy endeavor’, and it had to do with ‘Civil Rights’ or some such bullshit disguised as a ‘noble cause’. Of course, the Boomers moved on and married their same-race/different sex spouses, turned into Yuppies, made a lot of money, bought a house in a gated community in the suburbs, raised their children with communist indoctrination–or had a third world nanny raise their children with communist indoctrination, and refused to acknowledge all the harm they’ve done to this country. Women’s ‘liberation’, miscegenation, atheism, socialism, ‘White privilege’, ‘White Guilt’, ‘multiculturalism’, jingoism, flim-flammery, douchebaggery, hypocrisy, and other blatant idiocy…. Not only won’t they take responsibility for the horrific mistakes of their misspent youth, but still insist, contrary to what your lying eyes see, that they were right and are still right. Wow! Not even Satan had such hubris. Good going, Boomers! (And Obama.)

Now we have Baby Boomer proponents of the White Rights movement that claim they’re advocating for White people, yet are ‘married with children’ to women of Asian stock. HUH?! Yeah, you and we know who you are. How disingenuous.That would be like a Black man married to a Klan woman, having a bunch of mixed-race children, yet stating that it doesn’t influence his thought processes, political stance, moral outlook, emotional loyalty, or his advocating for Black people. Insanity, senility, or drug addlement, Baby Boomers?….heh. Why you no like round eye, blue eye woman, White man?


Witch Burning Religious Zealots: WWJD? Beat some sense into you, that’s what He’d do!

There are two kinds of religious fanatics. The first kind is absolutely terrified of everything, will follow some ‘figurehead’ straight into hell if asked to do so, will hope for an ‘eternal reward’ for the hell on earth he’s helped build, and hates women with a passion. The second kind of religious fanatic is pretending to be a religious fanatic in order to gain power over people and/or getting extremely wealthy off of the gullibility of people. And also hates women. Hey, the two kinds of religious fanatics have that in common, at least….

The Catholic Church killed so many women during the ‘witch hunts’ of the Dark Ages that they wiped out whole villages. Some say that the Black Plague that followed was because, along with the women, they burned all the cats as well (something to do with witches’ familiars)–which had kept the rat population from spreading disease. Motivation? Power and money. It certainly wasn’t ‘satanism’, since the Catholic Church is still up to its eyebrows in worshiping that entity. The peasants were getting restless with the Church and the Crown, so the Church and the Crown joined forces against the people and committed these acts of terrorism (women burning, and sometimes children burning as well) to keep the peasants in line. Sound familiar? The witch hunts effectively delayed the Enlightenment for over three hundred years….

As bad as some Christian sects are, they still have nothing on the barbarous faith of Islam. I’m not going to say too much, or they might jihad my ass. And they absolutely loathe White women, even more than the Christians.

Now we come to the third ‘faith’ that has caused so much mayhem to Andromeda and all of her White European sisters–the Kracken! Whether you’re talking about the kracken as a religion, or the kracken as a race, it really doesn’t matter (it’s a race, hiding behind a religion). Krackens hate White European women, love White European women, want to rape White European women, want to eat White European women, want to own White European women, and want to be White European women. (Krackens are deranged from too much money, power, and inbreeding.),7340,L-3978272,00.html


Dragon Queens, Negresses, and Mulattos–Oh, My!

Hate! Envy! Hate! Envy! Rage! Envy! Hate! Rage! Murder! Envy! Hate! Rage! Murder! Envy! They hate White European women, love White European women, want to rape White European women, want to eat White European women, want to own White European women, and want to be White European women.

Surgery. Hair weave. Hair bleach. Contacts. Hormones. Skin bleaching. ‘Nuff said.

Libtard Bureaucrats And Big Government: Run And Owned By Krackens! All You really need to know, isn’t it?

White women are up against the wall. Andromeda being blamed for the ten-headed hydra, as it bites chunks out of her tender, fair flesh. The kracken begins devouring her, as Andromeda screams for Perseus to come help her. Don’t bother, Andromeda. Perseus is busy. He’s slandering you in chatrooms while he sits in his mother’s dress, watching Asian anime porn and eating cheese puffs.


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