White Male Asian Woman Fetish

Ah, the mysterious Asian woman! So tiny, so delicate! So CHILDLIKE. (Ewww.) So deceptive, conniving, and skillful at the art of subterfuge. So violent, so tough, and so opportunistic. White males ‘admire’ Asian women like they ‘admire’ a fleshlight, not realizing that these Asians are going to screw you in more ways than one….I have personally known several Asian ‘military brides’ that have married G.I.’s from the USA, then dumped them as soon as it was legally possible. Good luck with the race-mixing, White man. The only thing you’ll get out of it is children that look nothing like you or your ancestors.


One thought on “White Male Asian Woman Fetish

  1. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Right on Alabastrine!
    I am over pondering why certain White Men have no racial identity such that they would bother mashing it with flat assed, flat faced gooks. My conclusion is that some white men are DL fags who screw chinks because many of them are built like adolescent boys, hence there is a peodephelia element here too. Also, I think many of these Asia-philes have been
    brainwashed by ZOG and the J-USA media to believe in the White Privilege, Whites are not as smart as Asians ( and kikes, dotheads, etc.) myths. In addition, many White men hsve been conditioned by porn and by Hollyweird to loathe White Women.

    Alas, it is what it is so Workaday Regular White Women will just have to bear the respinsibility of continuing the White


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