Racist, anti-White HATE CRIMES Against Children That ‘Big Brother’ Doesn’t Want You To See

If you love them, pull your White kids out of public schools and move away from ‘diverse’ neighborhoods….it could save their life.


2 thoughts on “Racist, anti-White HATE CRIMES Against Children That ‘Big Brother’ Doesn’t Want You To See

  1. vikingbitch

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    Right on.

    I pulled my son out of public school after he was being bullied by a whole team of DieVersity including a kike classmate, a groid female principal, and a Latrino school teacher. Quite a deadly trifecta. The little kike would constantly harass my son who did not want to play with him and would tell my son that he was going to have my son over for a play date and invite two friends over to rip my son’s arms off. The kike kid’s parents would hound me for play dates between the two boys – um, hell no.
    We moved out West and on the second day of school, some Mexiturd spit on my son, who thankfully punched the turd in the stomach. When my son told me what had happened, I called the school – NO ONE called me back and I promptly pulled my son out of school.
    I have come to the conclusion that I will NEVER send my son to a public school in the USA again. Nor will I pay taxes to a broken system that funds illegal aliens and minorities to prey upon Working Whites’ resources coupled with their mind, bodies, souls, and offspring.
    Fuck that noise.
    It is amazing how these minorities want to be right up next to us, in our neighborhoods, schools, and other venues, yet when they are with us, much of the time their actions are despicable and filled with hate.

    Paladin Justice mentions that if Hillary Clinton is elected, she will come after homeschoolers. If homeschooling is made illegal, I will respectfully just have to break the law because there is no way in hell I am sending my kid to a public school in Amurkistan such that he or she can get browbeaten by Holohoax education and get physically, spiritually, and psychologically abused by students of the MultiCult.

  2. elensincess

    Black caregiver preying on defenseless autistic patient in his care
    Black caregiver was previously charged with assaulting a white woman, but when arrested told police “you’re arresting me cause I’m black.” But we see him beating up a white autistic man who can’t speak and has mind of baby and that’s not a hate crime? WTF is wrong with this nation?


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