“Think Progress” States That The Very Air Is Racist!




In a mind-numbingly overreach for hunting down the evil of White ‘raaaycism’, the “Think Progress” website has gone full-on, batshit crazy. In a nutshell, and I do mean nut shell, the squirrels at this website have boldly stated that non-Whites breathe polluted air more than Whites do. How exactly does this phenomenon work? Rather than substantiating this bold assessment with reputable scientific sources, the ‘article’ quotes one crazed ‘scientist’ that did one questionable study at one extremely liberal university, and was quoted in one extremely liberal newspaper. Race determined this horrible inequality, even above income. That’s how propaganda works, folks.

What is a White person to do?!  We’re all breathing different air based on our skin color! Oh, my gawd! Even Mother Nature is racist. Apparently the White privilege that surrounds me, like a holy aura, actually cleanses the air before my privileged White lungs inhale. I’m so very fortunate to be White. Even the air around me is pristine and clean. But, one question I don’t understand…..How is all of this unpolluted White air prevented from blowing upon our duskier brothers and sisters? Truly a ‘liberal’ mystery, that is. Next, ‘Think Progress’ will be telling us that White people air makes White people transphobic. Or that doctors are all racists. It makes you wonder how the air quality for the staff at ‘Think Progress’ measures up, since they all seem to have their heads up their collective asses.


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