Derogatory Names For The Children Of God

ImageSprawl, human, populace, vox populi, redneck, hillbilly, useless eaters, breeders, surplus population, hoi polio, riff raff, unwashed masses, cattle, sheep, sheeple, ignorant masses, masses, citizens, statistics, casualties, victims, taxpayers, voters, average person, White trash, racist, idiot, uninformed, bigot, peckerwood, cracker, honky, ofay, gringo, Bible-thumper, Christian, Creationist, breeder, cis gendered, straight, goyim, goy, shiksa, shegetz, round eyes, White devil, blue-eyed devil, dumb blonde, ditz, airhead, White bread, snowflake, polar bear, bourgeoisie, little people, commoner, plebeians, proles, peasants, pedestrian, lower classes, rank and file, cannon fodder, commoners, common people, Whitey, White oppressors, White privilege, shit kicker, clod hopper, bumpkin, hick, hayseed, rural, greenie, White demon, ‘the man’, etc.



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