Slavery, Black ‘Identity’, and The BIG LIE

One of the biggest lies told in the recent history of human dysfunction is that Blacks have an exclusive claim on being victims of  ‘slavery’. The Blacks in America, and elsewhere, claim that slavery was ‘the biggest tragedy that ever happened in the history of the world’. (Kind of like the monopoly that the Jews have on genocide. “My six million! Holocaust!”* TM. Heh. Jews are the only group of people that ever faced genocide, and it was ‘the biggest tragedy that ever happened in the history of the world’.)

The world history of slavery is just too vast a subject to ponder. Let’s narrow it down a bit. Let’s look at slavery in the United States.

In the beginning of the colonies, when the USA was a fledgling country at best, there was a need for lots of workers. The colonists needed lots of cheap labor to help carve a country out of a vast wilderness. In the mid-1600s, there was a boatload of one hundred White orphans sent from Britain to be used as slaves. These ‘friendless boys and girls’, as they were known, were ill-used in every way imaginable. There was no Civil War or Lincoln to free them. They lived, slaved, and died anonymously. Friendless, indeed!


In 1790, the factories in the Northern States started mass-producing cotton products such as cloth. The first cotton-spinning factories needed workers, so White children of poor families were utilized as slave labor. The median ages for these factory slaves was between seven and twelve years old, although there were some children as young as three. (Three years of age, and working sixteen hours a day in a dangerous, filthy factory….meditate on that fact for awhile…) If one of these White children were caught pausing for even a moment, even if the child were weak from hunger or sick with fever, there was a foreman waiting in the wings, armed with a fist, a stick, or a tack-embedded whip to ensure productivity. There were no advocates championing the cause of the tiny White slaves, no Abraham Lincoln fighting for abolishing slavery for White babies, nor were there any Bible-thumping zealots preaching against the sins of enslaving poor White children. To this date, I am not aware of any movie produced in non-goy Hollywood that has ever addressed the horrors of ‘Industrialization Slavery’ on Whites, nor will I hold my breath for a ‘Roots’ movie about it. (The difference being that ‘Roots’ is a complete FICTIONAL fabrication of deranged Negro author Alex Haley.) The horrors of White child slavery is a national disgrace, but you won’t learn about it in your liberal college humanities or history classes. Let me enlighten you. The factory noise was overwhelming, and many a White child was left deaf from the continuous racket. The air was filled with cotton fluff, which was then inhaled into tiny, forming little lungs. Starved, beaten, threatened, abused, and worked to death. If that wasn’t bad enough, many a child lost a tiny little hand in the quick, vicious machinery–leading to immediate expulsion and starving to death. Death on the street, or death in the factory….tough choice.

Being enclosed in the noisy, polluted, dangerous factories was bad enough, but there were worse places to be. You could be a fuller. A fuller was a child that had the great job of wading around, waist or chest-deep, in vats of stale urine. Urine was used in the production of wool garments. The old urine was full of ammonia, which helped the lanolin soften the wool fibers. How would you like to do that for sixteen hours a day?

If you were a White child, you could also be slaving away as a mudlark. These poor children had to wade into the cold, rocky waters of the local river in quest of scrap. They would salvage things such as old boots, nails, bits of rope–anything they could find. All the sewers of the cities and towns emptied into the rivers, so these children literally waded in shit. One little mudlark, too ill-treated to even be given shoes, told a newspaper reporter at the time, “It’s very cold in Winter to stand in the mud without shoes.”

How would you like to work in the coal mines? Children as young as three years of age were employed here as well, pulling carts of coal like little pack animals, living in the darkness of the mines and breathing coal dust for most of their short lives. Image

How about a chimneysweep? Or a child prostitute/sex slave? How about a pick pocket, where a Sikes would kill you if you didn’t, and the legal system would kill you if you did?

So, cry me a friggin’ river, Negro. White children had it a lot worse than any of you. Oh, yeah. Did I forget to mention the poor White children that picked cotton for sixteen hours a day in the hot sun after the ‘Civil’ War? Or that the above atrocities continued from the sixteen hundreds right up until the present day? They didn’t even get a meal from their ‘massah’. Yup, stupid and uninformed people can be manipulated by their ignorance and emotion to believe anything. 

It wasn’t until 1938 that the first child labor laws were signed into effect in the good ol’ USA, when the freedom of Negroes was a fact over eighty years before that….ImageImageImageImageImage


6 thoughts on “Slavery, Black ‘Identity’, and The BIG LIE

  1. Tina

    Excellent post. The picture of the little girl in a dress, attending the spinning machines is an iconic photo. I’m 58 so I’m old enough to remember that shot in textbooks.

    Interesting how that picture of a WHITE CHILD doing labor is now hardly seen anymore, eh?

  2. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Right on AE! It is amazing how many stupid and dumbed down whites today actually believe the Big Lie. I am at the point at present where I am practically disowning family members because they refuse to acknowledge what they and I “see”. Eff em, moving on.
    White Slavery is alive and well in Eastern Europe as Slavic or Slav is a derivative of the Anglo word slave. White Working Americans are tax slaves to a system out to displace and genocide them. White Europeans are slaves to the EU and many Nationalists there are awakening others to the fact that the EU is a ZOG farce.
    The White Elite; however, are our biggest enemy. They want to play class warfare and displace White Working People with dull eyed blacks and browns, and sociopathic Asians that will do anything (or anyone!) for a buck. These people would love to have White Working Class children torn from the protection of their families such that they could slave away all day and factories and be sex toys for the Gay Old Pedophiles on the side. I actually had some old conservative ex Marine say to me that my son should be out working in a factory somewhere in place of being in school. Is it a wonder our ZOG government is flooding our broken public school systems with refugee kids in order to turn these places of ‘education” in glorified baby sitting and/or holding centers for low income kids? The White Elite and Kikes do not want a White Middle Class. It threatens their very soul less, empty existence. They view my children as fodder. Fuck them

  3. Denise

    Reblogged this on The White Tea Room and commented:
    Great piece! Read about thr way our most precious treasure, White children, have been treated by their adults. For SHAME!!!! I know about this. We need to care for each other. Let’s start doing this!


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