Zen Gardner: “The US is Marked for Demolition”


statue of liberty destroyed

The so-called United States of America with its sordid, hypocritical corporate-military legacy is the manifest capital of the world system, exporting its contaminated culture, twisted history, and false, misdirected science and politics with a relish. Obviously other world illuminist nodes such as the City of London, the Vatican and various other European snake pits in Belgium, France, Switzerland and other slimy retreats are essential and part and parcel to the Medusa’s head of wickedness we’re confronted with.

Sure the NWO plan is centralized world control and the complete overtaking of national sovereignty everywhere. We’ll see if they get that far, but at least for now you can operate outside the gulag without getting pulled over and frisked and/or beaten and things confiscated for no apparent reason, never mind get indefinitely detained. There aren’t cameras at every intersection in less “developed” countries, and GMO infiltration is way less welcome in…

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