St. Odelia And The Prophetic Dreams Of A Maiden


  Do you believe in prophecy, whether in dreams or visions?



During World War Deux, in the small hamlet of Odelianburg, a little town in the mountains a few miles west of Strassbourg, long lines of American tanks rumbled through the streets within yards of a tiny church and churchyard in which is located the grave of St. Odelia. Who was St. Odelia, you ask? By all accounts, she was a gentle and devout Christian who predicted the coming of the Antichrist from the banks of the Danube. Was she speaking of Hitler, or another that will come in the near future to terrorize mankind?

Odelia was the daughter of wealthy German parents. She was born in the year 660 A.D., and was blind for almost sixty years from an unfortunate accident. When Odelia converted to Christianity and was baptized in the year 719 A.D., she reportedly became able to see again. This wasn’t the only miracle that Odelia received. Apparently, she was given the gift of precognition as well as her physical eyesight.

Being a daughter of privilege, Odelia knew how to read and write. She quickly resumed her correspondences with her brother, the Prince of Franconia. And, like most nobles, their correspondence was considered important enough to preserve for posterity. This was common enough, but what was not common was the two letters that became known as “St. Odelia’s Prophecy”.

I’m just going to post excerpts of the contents of the two letters. You may draw your own conclusions from what you read in Odelia’s words.

“Listen, oh my brother, for I have seen the terror of the forests and the mountains. Fear has seized upon the people, because never in any region of the universe has anyone given testimony of such trouble.”

“The time will come when Germany will be called the most belligerent nation in the world. The period has arrived when out of her bosom will come a terrible warrior to spread war in the world. Men will call him the Antichrist. He will be cursed by mothers by thousands, who will lament like Rachel over the fate of their children, and who will refuse consolation because they will no longer be of this world and will be devastated in their homes.”

 “The conqueror will come from the banks of the Danube. He will be a remarkable chief among men. The war that he brings will be the most terrifying that men have ever undertaken.”

“His arms will be flamboyant, and the helmets of his soldiers will bear points darting flashes of light, while their hands carry lighted torches. It will be impossible to estimate the number of cruelties committed.” 

“He will be victorious on land and sea and in the air–because one will see winged warriors in these unbelievable attacks, mounting to the heavens to seize the very stars and throw them down on the cities from one end of the universe to the other in order to start great fires.”

“The nations of the earth will be astonished at the display of invincible power and will lament, Whence comes this force? How is he able to undertake such a war?”

“The earth will tremble with the shock of the fighting. The rivers will run red with blood. Sea monsters will disperse to the top of the oceans.”

“Future generations will be astonished that his numerous and powerful enemies will not have been capable of stopping the march of his victories. And the war will be long…”

“The conqueror will have attained the apogee of his triumphs toward the middle of the sixth month of the second year of hostilities. This will be the end of the first period of bloody victories. He will say, ‘Accept the yoke of my domination’ while continuing his victories. But his enemies will not submit and he will cry out, ‘Misfortune will befall them because I AM THE CONQUEROR!’ “

“The second part of the war will be equal in length to half of the first part. They will call it the period of diminution. It will be full of surprises which will make the earth tremble, when twenty belligerent nations will clash. Towards the middle of this period the little nations will cry out for peace, but there will be no peace for these nations.”

“The third period of the war will be the shortest of all, and the conqueror will have lost faith in his warriors. This will be called the period of the invasion, because by just retribution the soil of the conqueror, by reason of his injustice and his atheism, will be invaded in all parts and pillaged. Around the mountains torrents of blood will flow. Then will see a revolt of the women of his nation who will wish to stone him.”

“But one will also see prodigies in the Orient, where the troops of the Conqueror will be stricken with a strange and unknown illness. This evil will discourage his soldiers while the nations will say, ‘The finger of God is there. It is just retribution.”

“This will not be the end of these wars, but the beginning of the end….”

Now, I don’t believe that these ‘prophecies’ concerned Hitler. I also don’t believe that these ‘prophecies’ concerned World War Deux. I think that the ‘conqueror’ that will slither from the banks of the Danube will come from the Ukraine, who will then seize power through the political tyrants located in Belgium.

Belgium is headquarters to the European Union. Belgium is also headquarters of the international pedophile rings of the world. I would safely guess that Belgium is also the home of the great Luciferian cult that the elite families of the world belong to (Chateau des Amerois). I won’t go into the reasons for my grand statements. Do your own homework, lazy doubters.


In the 1990s Belgium’s public life was shaken by a number of serious scandals. In 1991, a former deputy prime minister and socialist leader was  murdered in a contract killing that took several years to come to light. The  Dutroux child-sex-and-murder affair in 1996 led to national outrage,  compounded by the realization that less official negligence and inefficiency could have saved the lives of several    children. The tragedy fueled pressure for reform of the political, judicial, and police systems. In 1998, along  with two other major Belgian politicians, former NATO secretary-general Willy  Claes was convicted of bribery. In 1999, a public health scandal involving  dioxin, a cancer-causing chemical, resulted in the unexpected electoral defeat of Christian-Democratic prime minister Jean-Luc Dehaene.

In June 1999, the new prime minister, Guy Verhofstadt of the Liberal  Party, cobbled together a coalition of liberals, socialists, and greens, which was continued, without the green parties, after the May 2003 election.  His government passed extremely liberal social policies, including the legalization of gay marriage and euthanasia and the partial decriminalization of marijuana. Against the wishes of the prime minister’s party, a  parliamentary majority also extended voting rights at local elections to all foreign residents. After a record 541 days in the hands of a caretaker administration, Belgium was  prompted by Europe’s debt crisis  to finally form a new government.  Elio di  Rupo, a Socialist from the Walloon (French-speaking) community took the prime  minister’s office on Dec. 6, 2011. Di Rupo, 60, became Belgium’s first  French-speaking prime minister in  three decades and the first Socialist to  assume the post since 1974.







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