The Empire Strikes Back? Our Fearless Leader’s Vendettas, Here And Abroad


Dear Leftist Morons, ‘Progressives’, Racists, and Clueless Voters,

You elected your first Affirmative Action president because he ‘looked’ Black. He had no birth certificate or personal records to show us a legitimate past, wrote a biography that warned you of his political ideals, that had absolutely no public records to show us of any college transcripts, had ‘community organizer’ as his highest ‘accomplishment’, and whose personal preference was hanging around communist/anti-American mentors and ‘friends’. Now, his complete and total lack of competence, his treasonous and unlawful disregard for the rule of law, his scandals, and his racist policies have brought the United States to the edge of economic collapse and World War Three. He is a national embarrassment that is more concerned with his ego and ‘image’ of being ‘cool’ than he is about what’s best for the country. His wife is an attention whore that makes a fool of herself on any television show that will have her. His selection of the fellow racist outlaw Holder for attorney general has caused more tyranny, suffering, and lives lost through various fumbles like the Benghazi debacle. He and Holder implemented the treasonous ‘Operation Fast And Furious’ and other false flag operations because he wants your guns–like most totalitarians do. Meanwhile, the DHS has bought twelve billion rounds of ammunition, in preparation for…? He’s created the racist and anti-White “My Brother’s Keeper”. He and Holder have declared the unlawful forcing of private businesses to hire Black felons, and are giving special leniency “under law” to Black criminals, which results in even more racial strife. He signed the country up for the globalist, genocidal nightmare known as ‘Agenda 21’. He has also allowed the NSA to spy on us in order to ferret out his ‘enemies’, killed two Americans on US soil with a drone attack, and has expanded the wars that the USA is involved in all over the globe. Can we have that Nobel Peace Prize back? His disregard for the will of the people resulted in even more bizarre behavior, like closing down our national parks as his own personal vendetta against US citizens for not signing up for the horror that is known as ‘Obama Care’. Or opening our southern border and granting amnesty and even more ‘goodies’ (like free college tuition) on the taxpayers’ dime to invading hordes of Socialist Mestizo peasants with no respect for the law or the country. Or, his using the IRS to intimidate his opponents. Or, going after private citizens like Zimmerman on the public stage because of his racist and illogical beliefs. This man is not only frighteningly vindictive and racist, he is frighteningly incompetent. He makes the Nixon Administration look like a bunch of Boy Scouts, in comparison.

   Yet, you keep clinging to this horror of a man while the people suffer. You keep defending the indefensible while we teeter on the brink of another World War. You keep justifying the unjustifiable, backing every unlawful action this tyrant takes. You keep living in denial, bitterly blaming everyone but the guilty. Remember, if you make a mistake, it’s okay to admit it. Mistakes are how we learn. It’s not okay to keep trying to cover that mistake. It only makes things worse.


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