The Theory Of Everything

Trey Smith blasts every conceptual theory of ‘hard science’ and Babylonian bullshit out of the water. It’s a must see!

“We control what you think. We control what you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel. We control the airwaves, the transmissions coming into your homes, and the things that are allowed to get published. We control the educational system. We control the financial institutions. We control the debt-driven economy and monetary systems. We control the judicial systems, court systems, and the punitive systems. We control the armed forces, police forces, and the United Nations. We control borders and nations. We control the water, the soil, and the very air. We control YOU.

You are nothing but monkeys, created by a big bang in order to serve us. There is no other reason for your existence. There is no God! We broadcast propaganda at you through your television, your radio, your newspapers and magazines, your books, and the music you listen to. We control your children. We make it mandatory that they go to our re-education and indoctrination camps that we call an ‘educational system’. We drug, immunize, and dumb down your children so that they won’t be able to resist our tyranny. If you do not comply, we will take your children away from you and throw you in our prisons.

We keep you enslaved in a debt-driven existence, where you can no longer keep the fruits of your own labor. We will keep you landless, homeless, and forever paying 70% of your income on ‘rent’. We flood your sovereign countries with Third World savages, that would rather kill you than look at you. We partner with the military-industrial complex, in order to terrorize the entire world and to kill your children. We have penetrated your churches, in order to demoralize you and turn you away from God. We have ruined your privately-owned farms, so that we can control food production. We allow corporations like Monsanto to ruin your seeds, your food, and your water, and to replace them with GMOs that will kill you–according to our Georgia Guidestones plans. We also plan on another world war to get rid of the bulk of you useless eaters, which is detailed at the Denver, Colorado, airport, in the works of our obscene ‘art’. We play elaborate games, where we give you the illusion of freedom by allowing you to ‘vote’. We put our puppets out there for you to see, to distract you from who is really running the world.

We are not Orwellian followers. We are not globalists. We aren’t Marxists. We are much more. We are Bildebergers. We are Bohemian Grove attendees. We are Illuminati. We are on the boards of the Trilateral Commission, the European Union, the United Nations, and other ‘elitist’ groups. We are Legion. We are Luciferians, and we are the people that follow ancient Sumer and Mystery Babylon. If you find out our agenda, we will vilify and ridicule you. If that doesn’t work, we’ll kill you and your loved ones. We are your nemesis from days ancient, and we want you to join us in the dimension of space that you call Hell. You will carry the mark of the Beast as the Whore of Babylon approaches. She will make way for the Dajal, The One-Eyed Set, The Antichrist, and his attending Nephilim. See you in Mediggio.”


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