The Myth of Scarcity, Obama “Care”, and the Shearing of the Sheep


The dialogue of ‘scarcity’ is an old trick used by those in power to control the masses. One good example is the diamond ‘industry’. Another good example is the ‘oil shortage’. Now, we have a ‘shortage’ of medical coverage and services, thanks to the accidentally-on-purpose failure of ‘Obama Care’. The ‘democratic socialist’ pyramid scheme thrives on the ignorance of its human sheep, and using the mainstream media ‘sheepdog’ to panic the herd into going in the designated direction has been the method of control for the past seventy years or so. Thank god for the internet, where you can actually get dissenting opinions and crucial information about the issues affecting your life.
In a similar vein, I find it remarkable that Al Gore preaches to the masses about the doomsday results of ‘global warming’ and ‘carbon footprints’, when that hypocrite uses more natural resources in a week than I will in an entire year. And Gore got a Nobel Prize for it?! Of course, so did Obama– for his ‘peace’ efforts as a ‘community organizer’. The Nobel committee has lost all credibility when they hand out their awards like Cracker Jack prizes to a bunch of elitist idiots.
I’m sure that the self-elected elites would like nothing more than to ‘cull the herd’ of ‘useless eaters’ and ‘difficult and uncooperative’ sheep. The corporate and governmental seizure of the family farm, and the replacement of wholesome food with GMOs and ‘processed’ garbage, has made the masses ill and overweight. Next comes the ‘socialized medicine’ with its ‘death panels’ and shortages of medicine, doctors, and band aids. If this doesn’t work, I’m sure that the self-elected elites will come up with more solutions….maybe even a Final Solution.


5 thoughts on “The Myth of Scarcity, Obama “Care”, and the Shearing of the Sheep

  1. jewamongyou

    So-called “liberals” have done more harm to the environment than just about anybody else. They idolized the Soviet Union. The same Soviet Union that brought enormous environmental destruction upon that region. Now it’s those same “environmentalists” who support endless immigration (IE increased population).

  2. vikingbitch

    Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:
    Yep. Whole heartedly agree with all your points made in this piece.

    The white elites and Zios have done a masterful job of presenting the lie that there is just not enough to go around. The Reagan era begot this credo with the whole idea that greed is good and ‘trickle down economics’. It amazes me in my everyday interactions how people neb into others’ business with questions such as ‘Does what you make cover your rent?’ ‘What is your health insurance?’, and ‘I see you walking everywhere, you don’t have a car?’ A sort of communal covetousness has been spawned in our culture of croney captalism which really is turning into the turd painted gold phenomenon of communism in disguise. I don’t know if people realize this but if a neighbor wants to make an anonymous call to the IRS because he or she thinks you are cheating in your taxes, they can. Sick stuff.

    In the days of the Soviet Union, people would turn on their neighbors for a washing machine. Don’t think it can’t or won’t happen here. We already have blacks violently killing white elderly people. Why is that? I believe its because there is a perception in the ghetto that these ‘ole whites be eatin up the SSI’.

    The conditions for mass chaos are being set such that the Commie Zios
    can usher in their Police State.

  3. Tina

    The elites will say anything to herd us into the cities, with no transportation of our own available, dependent on them completely for poisoned food. The Final Solution this time is for white people


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