Ronald Regan On Obama Care

Regan speaks out against socialized medicine and the insidious creeping of a totalitarian/communist government takeover. This speech is an accurate description of how the ‘progressive’/’socialist’ movement has been working to destroy the United States of America for the past seventy years. This is an old speech, but Regan’s words have more relevance than ever. Obama Care is a direct result of the same Marxist philosophy as Bill Ayers (communist Jew) and his ilk, such as the violent and extremist Weather Underground, subscribe to; and which Obama was indoctrinated and ‘groomed’ to, in his youth, from his ‘teachers’–all violent anarchists. These usurpers have nothing but hatred for this country, hatred for its European American citizens, and hatred for its freedoms and prosperity. All they offer in return is a grand nihilism, where everyone is equally miserable in their ‘egalitarian utopia’ of a failed, absurd, and communistic fantasy that is bound to end in massive suffering and death. It always does.


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