Possum Sense, Economic Oblivion, and the Corporate Plutocracy

“Youth” isn’t what it once was. People under thirty have been so brainwashed by the powers that be it’s surprising any of them can complete a coherent thought, much less a logical one. You guys are being ‘entertained’ to death! You’re being isolated by the electronic gadgetry that you ‘must have’, sequestered in your rooms with your ‘toys’. Most young people today haven’t any meaningful social interaction, with the ‘hookups’, ‘booty calls’, and ‘Facebook friends’ that substitute for a true friend. Is your Facebook ‘friend’ going to come to the hospital when you’re sick? This is the most dumbed-down, physically and mentally out of shape generations that have ever lived in this country. Buying into the corporate ideal of what’s considered ‘success’ is what’s killing most young people today. Moving away from family to pursue the ‘almighty dollar’ is one of the worst mistakes. Thinking that the inevitable crash isn’t coming is the next big mistake. When the ‘government’ goes belly-up, your dollar bill will be worth less than a good roll of toilet paper. Have you ever spoken to anyone who lived through the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930’s? Well, the next time this happens, it won’t be nearly as pleasant. The ‘government’ is importing third world savages by the gross, corporations have bought up all of the family farms, people are completely dependent on corporate ‘good will’ to get their basic needs met, and not one damn person under the age of thirty owns a firearm, a fishing rod, or a carpentry tool. Who cares if you’ll have ‘money’ when you’re older, when you don’t know the first damned thing about self-reliance and familial loyalty? Are you going to eat your retirement fund, which will most likely get stolen when the economic crash comes? The best book to read for the coming worldwide age of the luddite is ‘Possum Living’ by Dolly Freed.


5 thoughts on “Possum Sense, Economic Oblivion, and the Corporate Plutocracy

  1. sigmatika

    >not one damn person under the age of thirty owns a firearm, a fishing rod, or a carpentry tool.

    You’re on the mark, but this line is excessively hyperbolic. I, for one, am well under thirty and own many fishing rods and tools; a weapon for hunting (but not a gun) and trapping equipment. There’s a whole lot of people like me, you just have to get lost to find us. It’s like Orwell wrote, if there is hope, it’s with the proles. For us, that’s the rednecks, and there’s plenty of redneck kids alive and well in the flyover country. Rural American culture has some big problems, but a lack of useful skills is the least among them.

  2. msharmila2013

    Preaching to the converted looks fun, you don’t need to worry about why someone else might think and act differently to you, just rant about how dumb those “others” are. Good wholesome fun, and it promotes in-group cohesion!

      1. msharmila2013

        It’s not really how I feel most of the time. It is just a way to get all my whiney negativity caused by my present state of unemployment + childlessness (= kind of vapid useless life where I appear to contribute nothing to society). By turning it up to a higher level and putting it on paper somehow I just start to find it all kind of funny and then I feel happy again.

        Thanks for the concern though 😛

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