Phantom Cargo, Stompy Foot, and the Spite House Wars

The ‘cargo cults’ are not a new phenomenon. The aboriginals of other countries, having never before seen the ‘White man’, were astounded by them. They were even more impressed with what the White man carried with them. Their clothes, their fire-making gadgets, their boom sticks that could kill, their foodstuffs, their great ships, etc. It all seemed like magic from the gods. The White men seemed like gods, or visitors from another planet, who were in possession of wonderful things that the aboriginals had never seen before. The White men even ‘gifted’ these wonderful items to the helpful, the friendly, and the ones willing to work a bit. An axe, a bit of finely made clothing, or a tin can full of delicious peaches was a marvel to behold, and greatly appreciated.

There’s a strip of dirt road high in the mountains of New Guinea. Near this road, there are several shacks made of bamboo, along with an ‘airplane’ made out of tree branches, twigs, and leaves. There’s also a beacon tower made of bamboo, along with a radio shack. This ‘airfield’ is manned twenty-four hours a day by the indigenous peoples, who also keep a beacon fire burning the whole time. Every once in a while, one of the men will go into the radio shack and speak with pidgin-English  into a tin can microphone. “Do you read me? Roger and out.” He doesn’t know the meaning of the phrases he’s speaking, but they have magic. Enough magic to bring ‘John Frum’ back, along with his cargo plane of clothes, food, axes, jewelry, radios, etc. from the magical White man’s land.

You don’t have to live in New Guinea to see the modern-day ‘cargo cults’ in action. We have a whole post modern ‘government’ that is one enormous, out of control cargo cult. A government that expects the White man to share his magical land, his wealth, his inventions, and his prosperity with every ‘minority’, both in the United States and abroad. The modern day ‘cargo cults’ in every White country are exactly the same; taxation of the White populations to magically feed, clothe, and house the unwashed hordes of the world.

President Stompy Foot, who has changed the White House into the Spite House, rode to his current position of POTUS by declaring that his administration would be a cargo cult that would force ‘John Frum’ to provide free cell phones, free housing, free food, free clothing, free medical care, free education, and free citizenship to ALL ‘minority’ persons–regardless of law, merit, or justice. It never occurred to President Stompy Foot, or the rest of the corporate-controlled government, that the majority of White people might be tired of playing ‘John Frum’ for a mass of ungrateful, anti-White, racist, and culturally inferior aborigines from the Turd World.

Now, as the rebellion of ‘John Frum’ has started against the unconstitutional and unsustainable ‘Obama Care’, along with rebellion against higher taxation, mass immigration, and other evils shoved at the White populace, the Mulatto-In-Charge has spitefully and maliciously gone on the offensive in earnest.

It was bad enough when Mr. Stompy Foot showed his racism during the George Zimmerman trial. It was worse when he disregarded the Constitution and the rule of law to push forward his various Executive Orders. It got weirder and weirder, with Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the NSA and Snowden, and the lamestream ‘media’ defending the indefensible.

Of course, the old political career whores on Capitol Hill, whether Democrap or Repukelican, went along with Stompy Foot in whatever diabolical, corrupt, unlawful, and evil plan he came up with. NWO, I mean NOW, the White John Frum is starting to fight back. Obama Care wasn’t passed, because the prostitutes in the House of Representatives were given orders by their employers, the US taxpayers, to halt and desist in following Dr. Barry Soreto Evil over the abyss of medical and financial ruin. And the POTUS reaction to this insufferable rebellion of the Emperor’s ‘subjects’? He closes down the government. He closes down the national parks, including the veterans war memorials. He closes down Mount Rushmore, lest we be reminded of whose country this really is. Who built it (yes, we did!) and carved it out of the wilderness of an unknown continent. There was no United States before the White man made it. There will be no United States without the White man, the John Frum who made the greatest civilization mankind has ever known–at least until 1965, that is. Or, maybe 1953. Maybe both.

The racist socialist even had the nerve to fuck with the Amber Alert website. If you wanted to report a missing child, you were redirected to Mooshelle’s propaganda bullshit website instead. Does it get any more evil and pathetic than this, my fellow Americans? Of course, if Congress buckles under the weight of groupthink, ZOG, or the promise of even more ill-gotten geld, we’re on our own. If we boycott this asinine, dangerous, and horribly expensive medical ‘progrom’, the IRS waits in the wings to financially flagellate all non-compliers to this unconstitutional and unlawful boondoggle. If John Frum has healthcare, then we ALL should have healthcare! So say the cargo cultists. If John Frum has a beautiful country, we should ALL be able to live in his country! So say the cargo cultists. If John Frum has a flat screen television, we should ALL have flat screen televisions. So say the cargo cultists. Never mind that poor old White John Frum can barely keep his own family afloat, much less labor for the rest of the lazy, stupid, racist, jealous, ungrateful, and/or incompetent slobs of the world. The White man’s magic is powerful.  

President Stompy Foot will get his way, because the real power brokers will demand it. No matter if our Emperor wears no clothes. The shadow government of the NWO will not rest until ‘equality’ reduces John Frum to an aboriginal, too, and we’re all financial and governmental slaves. Slaves of the global plantation. They better watch out, though. The White slaves, the original natives of these parts, are getting very, very restless.





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