The ‘new’ male, ‘gamers’, ‘players’, European Identity, and the “Men’s Rights” movement

Here is a being who has discarded knowledge, abandoned his responsibilities, ignores decency, lacks ambition, and has cultivated selfish and self-centered indifference. His denial of the spiritual has left him morally bankrupt; which, in turn, enables him to reject any higher principles. Stupid and irresponsible, he mocks the sacred and cultivates every vice– drowning in self-indulgent behaviors that make him physically weak, emotionally dead but to rage, and mentally stunted except for thoughts of persecution and revenge against women. Matthew Hopkins has nothing on these modern day ‘witch hunters’. He fails to see that his social awkwardness, his selfishness, and his emotional immaturity is what keeps him from forming a lasting relationship with the women he has been with. His refusal to grow up is preventing him from continuing his family lineage by having children. Not that he cares in the least, or even knows where he comes from and who his ancestors were.

He is ignorant by choice, refusing to utilize his mind or seek out the sage advice of his elders. His character is shifting and slippery, changing incessantly with each new trend or shallow amusement. His focus is narrow, his options are few, and his resentment grows and grows. His infantile and pleasure-seeking nature has made his mind soft, his body soft, and his character weak. He is so weak, in fact, that his only defensive capability is to try and avoid any trouble, capitulating to anyone with a stronger will. The mere thought of violence causes him to cower or run away. He cares only for the moment’s diversion, paying no attention to his true victimization by a behemoth government, intent on wiping him off the face of the earth. He’s the perfect tool, the perfect eunuch, the perfected slave. The ‘modern man’ wallows in trivialities like a pig in slop, blissfully indifferent to everything. His self-declared enemies, cunning and malevolent, laugh with disdain as they steal everything away from him without a struggle. He is unaware of the forces that are driving a wedge between himself and the natural object of his desire, the woman; and he blames the female for all of the world’s ills–not realizing that she, too, is a victim of a post-modern ideology that is anti-family, anti-morals, and anti-White.



2 thoughts on “The ‘new’ male, ‘gamers’, ‘players’, European Identity, and the “Men’s Rights” movement

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