Organized ‘Christian Churches’

Since it’s Sunday, I thought I’d address some issues that I have with organized ‘Christian churches’ in the United States and Europe.
One of the main issues that I have with organized religious groups is that they rarely do what they were created to do–feed, clothe, and shelter the poor, comfort the grieving, nurse the sick, visit the elderly and dying, protect the orphan and widow, and uphold the moral and ethical standards of a community. However, I’m going to address the ‘Christian’ church in particular.
The worst sins of the ‘modern’ churches is their function as globalist, money-making businesses that are up to their eyebrows in leftist politics. Combine this with the various pedophilic sex abuse scandals, the endorsement of homosexuality, the importation of third-world Marxists, their pandering to non-Christians, and their enthusiastic support of feminism and abortion…..well, you have to wonder which side these ‘Christian religions’ are playing for.
In the past, the churches used to send out missionaries to ‘convert the heathen’ into their particular brand of Christianity. Nowadays, the churches have gotten too financially greedy and lazy, and they prefer to bring the ‘heathens’ here to convert them. The church won’t spend a penny on their new ‘recruits’. That’s up to the taxpayer. Organized religion supports globalization and the destruction of European countries and culture by mass importation of backwards, uncivilized, and White-hostile ‘heathens’, as long as it’s not on their dime. The local church does NOTHING for its surrounding community. If it does make an effort, it’s usually for anyone but the European American members of that community.
The ‘Christian’ churches in the USA and Europe also endorse homosexuality as a perfectly natural lifestyle, after centuries of telling us that sodomy is a sin. Political pressure from 3% of the world’s population has changed the word of God, I guess….I didn’t know that God was so wishy-washy and ‘politically correct’. The churches still frown on heterosexual couples ‘living in sin’, and out-of-wedlock births…go figure. The churches also have pretty much given up the fight against abortion, even third-trimester abortion. Various religious leaders and figureheads have been caught, time after time, in raping children–children they’ve been entrusted with as God’s representatives on Earth. Pure EVIL.
Another evil perpetrated by the ‘Christian’ churches in this country, and in Europe, is the politically correct mantra of ‘all cultures, all religions, and all people are equal’. Have they forgotten their history already, where their fellow Christians were slaughtered mercilessly by the Muslim hordes that poured into Europe? Are the churches really going to say that voodoo is just as acceptable as Christianity? Or that the culture of Zimbabwe is just as valid as the culture of Midwestern America, and that both cultures are equally moral and just? The ‘Christian’ church is pushing for globalization and mass immigration, which is a death knell for European Americans and Europeans in their own countries, as well as European-descended Canadians and European-descended Australians. White peoples are being destroyed with the assistance of the ‘Christian’ churches.


6 thoughts on “Organized ‘Christian Churches’

  1. vikingbitch

    Right on. I hate going to Church, and now I know why. My spirit has been telling me all along it is a bad deal. Now I do not feel guilty.

    F$&k church.


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  3. Paladin Justice

    I am one of the few whose parents did not want him indoctrinated into religious mumbo jumbo. My father used to say that “preacher man” was just another term for con man.

  4. Barackolypse Now

    I stopped going to Church when they started a building program (not needed) and started dunning for extra money pledges.

  5. jewamongyou

    They felt overwhelmed by modern science, liberalism and the new cultural norms. They didn’t want to be left behind. To be relegated to the past. So they felt the need to compromise. Unfortunately, they have compromised to the point where their core values have been discarded. They have been relegated to the past through their own actions.


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