Another Icon Destroyed By The PC Brigade

It seems that our corporate CEO’s at Yum Brands, Inc. have decided to ditch Colonel Harlan Sanders as the company’s iconic symbol for Kentucky Fried Chicken, even though the Colonel was the inventor, founder, and public symbol of this restaurant since its inception. I guess he was too White to keep. That’s okay, Yum Brands, Inc., you’ve turned KFC chicken into a horrid, greasy mess. Here’s the Colonel, when Kentucky Fried Chicken was worth paying for: Colonel Harland Sanders 1976

Here’s a suggestion for the Bantu-pandering CEO’s at Yum Brands, Inc.:



2 thoughts on “Another Icon Destroyed By The PC Brigade

  1. countenance

    Several years ago, Yum was doing cartoon caricatures of Colonel Sanders for its KFC commercials. One of them hat the cartoon Colonel shucking and jiving and doing black dances and saying “Go Colonel.” The real Harlan Sanders would be rolling over in his grave.

  2. vikingbitch


    I see you are following my blog. Nice to see some more action from those ‘who can see’.

    I used to like KFC. In fact, I used to line McDonalds, Ruby Tuesdays, Subway, etc., but many of these places have ‘gone ghetto’ so to speak. Well, whites should just take a hint and take our very hard earned money elsewhere or just EAT AT HOME! It’s better anyway.



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