What hath God wrought….

The Western Europeans that arrived on the shores of the United States were not immigrants. The United States of America did not even exist. The country of the United States did not magically appear out of thin air, but was created by the blood, sweat, and toils of these same Western Europeans. Nor were there immigrants to a United States until after the Western European conquerors carved out and established the United States from the vast wilderness. It is a despicable lie and utter nonsense to claim that Western Europeans were also immigrants. The United States, despite what the special interest political groups and globalist cartel would tell you, is not just composed of a particular area of land. It is an ethnic, social, cultural, political, religious, idealistic, and racial creation by and for Western Europeans. Anyone who tells you differently is not only a blatant liar, but a liar with an agenda. gee_vaucher_liberty


One thought on “What hath God wrought….

  1. jewamongyou

    When people claim that the European settlers were immigrants, they’re unwittingly acknowledging the importance of race. They’re saying, “The original inhabitants of America were a particular race, and they were a ‘nation’ by virtue of this. The Europeans were of a different race, and this makes them ‘immigrants.’ But this logic only applies to non-whites. According to them, only non-whites can have a nation.


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